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Your Family Mission Statement: Serving as a Compass for Kids in Decision-Making

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Consider the impact of a family mission statement. How powerful could that be?

Have you ever stopped to wonder what the purpose of a mission statement is? Go on any company website and you’ll find one. A mission statement is an identity tag. It alerts customers to the company’s values and tells you what they’re striving to do. It also serves as a guide for the employees of the company. You could say that a mission statement is like a North Star.

Take a moment to think about the qualities and activities you value. What is important to you? Now think about your actions – do they consistently reflect those values? Sometimes we think and “preach” one thing only to realize we’re doing something different. Kids are constantly watching us. Quite naturally, they think what they see us doing is important, and so they follow suit.

Are you on your phone looking at social media a lot? Your kids are likely to want a screen of some kind so they can be online too. Do you enjoy reading? If your kids see you reading, they’re more apt to be readers as well. After all, if you’re doing it, it must be important.

Keep reading to create your own family mission statement ...

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