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Building Confidence Through In Person Experiences

Known as DROPLETS™, our in-person options provide children the opportunity to learn, engage, and interact with others their age for increased confidence in self expression.

619 Ridgely Avenue, Annapolis


The Basics

The Basics is specially designed for children K-6 on a journey of creative discovery.

Through engaging word play and imaginative storytelling, Droplets cultivates not just literacy skills, but the confidence to share one’s own unique voice.

This is a unique experience that gives students the opportunity to express themselves while connecting with others their age.

"Thank you, Mary! I just had to share yesterday was wonderful and made an impact!


[My daughter] was so excited on the way home talking about what she learned…sharing about her picture she made and talking about scenarios of kindness…she had this idea that she shared with me and when we got home, she immediately had to give and gift wrap all her meat eating dinosaurs to her brother because he didn’t have any and she wanted to do a kind act for him. It was so sweet to see her light up like that! And he was pretty excited about it too! 😊


We plan to keep that going seeing, where else we can show kindness/initiative in this way. She can’t wait for next week!"

- Katie L., Parent of a DROPLETS student

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Writing Workshops

Here at The Drizzle Effect® we believe that writing is part of the foundation for a child’s creativity, self expression, and educational growth.

Writing Workshops are hosted at various times throughout the year to give students multiple opportunities to develop their confidence. Students will participate in reading aloud, visualization activities, mind maps, writing activities, and small group interaction.


Summer 2024 Series - July 8th - August 1st

"[My daughter] seemed to be bubbly and to come out her shell by the end of [Mary's writer's] workshop! It was really wonderful to see her smile when I picked her up! I think it’s great way to experience something different outside of the school system. Highly recommend!"

- Atalante S.

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