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DROPLETS In-Person Learning Opportunities for Children

Known as DROPLETS, our in-person options provide children the opportunity to learn, engage, and interact with others their age for increased confidence in self-expression. We believe we’re building something special.

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Storytelling Studio™

Our Storytelling Studio™ enrichment program is designed to boost children’s confidence in their self-expression through activities such as collaborative storytelling, guided writing sessions, problem-solving games to develop critical thinking, sensory, fine motor-building learning stations, and more.


DROPLETS Day Programs

Every child's innate curiosity is a powerful catalyst. It guides them to embrace challenges and discover the joy in their own growth. Through our Reading and Writing Enrichment Programs, we provide a safe space for your child to explore their inner voice.

We're building something special.



Writer’s Workshop Summer Series

We believe writing is part of the foundation for a child’s creativity, self expression, and educational growth. Our Writing Workshops are hosted throughout the summer to give students multiple opportunities to develop their confidence as a writer. Children participate in reading aloud, visualization activities, mind maps, writing activities, and small group interaction.

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Consulting and Micro-Learning Resources


Homeschooling 101

Homeschooling sounds crazy … but what if it’s not? It may be a great option for your child and the education you want them to have. Homeschooling 101 provides individualized guidance for parents working through the decision-making process. During this 60 minute 1:1 consultation, you’ll receive the information you need to determine if homeschooling is right for your child and will help you feel confident taking the next steps in your journey.

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The Drizzle Academy

Establishing a homeschooling foundation is the key to creating an environment that will help your child learn. The Drizzle Academy is a 7 week program that focuses on giving you the tools you need to create an enjoyable homeschooling experience while providing you support through this new journey. Our goal is to ensure you feel confident as you guide your child through their education.

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Character Compass

Character Compass is made up of 10 healthy habits we believe to be transformative for parents and their little ones. This mini-program is purposefully written in kid-friendly language, to help you cultivate these 10 essential qualities in your child … qualities that pave the way to adulthood filled with integrity, resilience, and purpose. Through small, bite-sized lessons, we aim to provide you with tools to inspire your child's mindful growth. 

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