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Reading a Book


The Drizzle Effect®

Trey loved stories. When his teacher read aloud to the class, he’d call out what he thought was going to happen next, laugh out loud, or punch the air in frustration if he thought the main character was being treated unfairly. He was outgoing and loved to tell his own stories, easily drawing his classmates in. But ask him to write a story? Forget about it. The walls came up, and Trey shut down.


Trey was a 5th grader, with reading and writing skills one to two years below grade level. Despite his natural love for stories, he’d struggled academically too many times to have much confidence in his own storytelling and writing abilities. Take a risk and try again? No thank you.


Trey’s mom signed him up for the Writer’s Workshop at The Drizzle Effect® and a shift began to occur.

"My son's confidence in his writing abilities went from medium before Mary's workshop to very high afterwards. His dedication and enthusiasm towards writing were the greatest outcome!"
- Parent of Writer's Workshop participant 


What do raindrops and creative writing have to do with one another?

NOTHING – unless you’re in the land of Drip, Drop and Drizzle! Hear more about our origin story by watching this video.

My name is Mary Ostrowski, the founder of  The Drizzle Effect®


Welcome to my site! I invite you to poke around a bit, and get to know my friends Drip, Drop and Drizzle a little better. I’ll be curious to know: which character most makes you think of your child? And what about you? When you’re done … click the “get in touch” button and let’s chat about your child.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Meet the Team



DRIP'S smile lights up a room, and she shares her happiness with pretty much everyone. She can be shy and is kind of a perfectionist. I bet you're thinking to yourself, "But no one is perfect." I know, right?! We sure do get crazy ideas in our heads sometimes, don't we? And sometimes, this makes Drip timid to try new things because she's afraid she'll get it wrong.



DROP is so much fun to be around! He will make you laugh out loud - and then cringe in the next minute. 

Drop can be impulsive. I mean, sometimes he says things he instantly regrets or makes not-so-good choices without even knowing why he did it! This makes him feel bad because he is really nice, and doesn't meant to hurt anyone.



DRIZZLE is the friend you feel like you've known forever. He seems to get everything right, but Drizzle makes mistakes just like everyone else. Sometimes he gets in trouble. But he's self-confident enough to know he can get through it, so he does. He helps his friends get through stuff too. His friends think, "I want to be like Drizzle." The truth is, they can be. We all have Drizzle within us.

Which character stands out for you the most? 
[Spoiler Alert] I am totally Drip! 


I was a child once. I remember what it feels like to be unsure of my place in the world, to be afraid to take risks because I might get it wrong, and to not speak up because people might not like what I had to say. 

The longer I am in education, the stronger I feel that we’re emphasizing the wrong points.
We prioritize…


Structure over play

- “Readiness” over creative exploration

- Product over process

As a preschool owner, I see the natural joy children bring to learning. Our little ones come running up the front steps - they can’t wait to come to school!  They love their teachers and have a new story to share everyday. They play with purpose; everything brings a chance to explore. And their eyes … They light up with wonder and pride when they discover something new. Their energy is infectious! 

This joy, however, is in stark contrast with the experiences of many older students. I’ve watched the spark fade and their desire to come to school all but disappear for too many children. It doesn't have to be this way. 


The magic of preschool is that we understand playing IS learning. Enabling exploration builds “readiness,” and everything is about celebrating the process.

I believe we can keep the spark alive and this magic moving by remembering a few key ingredients … 

All children can and want to learn.

Through compassion and understanding, we can help them define success and then achieve it.

Relationships come first.

It's hard to learn if we don't feel safe. Taking time to get to know kids - what they like and what they dream - helps open emotional space for learning.

Curiosity is king.

Growth comes with curiosity and from evaluating the good, bad, and even the ugly. Stepping out of a comfort zone is not easy, but often satisfying.

Progress makes perfect

Process and results go hand in hand. Creating bite-size action steps helps kids achieve their goals. Celebrate the wins! This is how strong habits are built.

With our own creativity and curiosity, we truly can shape our future – one child, one dream at a time.
With love,


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