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The Drizzle Academy

Get the Information You Need to Homeschool Your Child with Confidence

(Without having to download another freebie)

You know that homeschooling is the right decision for you and your child. You know that the traditional schooling system is not serving your child’s needs. So why is it SO hard to jump in and start homeschooling?

Tablet Learning

For a lot of parents, the problem is they feel they lack the foundational homeschooling basics.

Maybe you’ve made the decision to homeschool but are scared to actually take those next steps. 

Maybe you’ve read all the free downloads and resources you can find on homeschooling but feel overwhelmed with all the different options and choices you need to make.

Maybe you’re nervous about trying to balance more than one child at different grade levels.

Maybe you’ve started homeschooling and feel like you’re becoming the awful Mrs. Thorne from the 3rd grade (and you hated her).

Or maybe you’re really enjoying the beginning stages of homeschooling your child but wish you had someone to bounce ideas off of.

Any of these sound familiar?

Whether you’re slowly moving into your homeschooling journey or have already jumped in head first…

Establishing strong foundations in your homeschooling journey is the key to creating an environment that will help your child learn and allow you to become more than a teacher, but their guide to independent learning. 


Homeschooling is like riding a bike...

As a career-long educator across grade levels, a preschool owner, and a transition-to-homeschooling coach, I’ve seen first hand how homeschooling can create overwhelm and extra stress in a home - even for parents who know it’s right for their child.


I’ve seen parents make the decision that homeschooling is best for their child and their family, but because they don’t know where to start, they end up delaying the change, and their child spends more time in the traditional classroom than their parents had hoped. 


For the parents who are scared to start homeschooling and don’t feel confident or smart enough to be their child’s teacher, I often ask them this question:

Do you remember riding a bike as a kid?

Well, I sure do!  

I was around 4 years old and finally felt comfortable enough to let my dad take the training wheels off my bike. My parents took me to the big open parking lot of Cashell Elementary School to give it a go! 


I got on my bike and remember feeling the energy and excitement running through me. Here we go! I was flying down the middle of the parking lot, free like a bird! I was doing it!!


And then I crashed. Hard. 


I was crying. I had cut my leg and blood was everywhere. I was devastated that I had fallen down and afraid to ride anymore. My mom and dad helped me up, cleaned my leg, and made me get back on that bike to try again. 


What I learned that day, and what you may have learned while riding a bike too, is that it’s okay to start something without being an expert. It’s enough to believe in yourself and to go for it! It’s even okay to fall down. When you fall, the key is to get back up, give it another shot, and use the support around you to accomplish what you want. 


The same can be said for your homeschooling journey. 


An 8-week program for parents who are ready to create a homeschooling environment that is exactly what you want it to be.  


Here’s what you get: 

  1. 7 self-paced modules that will cover the core competencies to building your homeschooling foundation so that you can make the most knowledgeable decisions about your child’s learning environment.   

  2. Weekly activities to help you internalize the information you are learning and begin to make progress in creating your dream homeschool environment. 

  3. Three individual calls, where you can book a 20 minute 1:1 zoom call with me to get your questions answered and concerns addressed. Calls may be used within 8 weeks of your programs purchase.

  4. A chance to learn how to use ChatGPT to create lesson plans that will not only save you time, but also keep your child interested and engaged in learning. 

  5. The opportunity to attend a 60 minute live ‘Ask Me Anything’ session at the end of the program after all 7 core competencies are covered.

Levitating Books

Once you have strong homeschool foundations in place,

you will …

  • Understand how your child learns and how you can tailor your curriculum to their specific learning needs

  • Be able to confidently design a curriculum that is going to align with your family’s values and provide your child with the education they need

  • Create lesson plans that are easy to execute because you’ve intentionally leveraged the resources you have available

  • Determine how your child is understanding and progressing through the learning opportunities you’ve built to continuously improve your focus (and theirs too!)

Kid working on homeschool homework, homeschool expert, homeschool coach, homeschool program

You'll go farther together.

I truly believe that you can start homeschooling your kids on your own. There are a ton of free resources that you can use to help you get started and with your own experience in school, you absolutely have the ability to be a good homeschool parent.


If you know that feeling ready and able to homeschool your child is important to you, then getting support while you go through the process will create that confidence you are looking for.

7 Core Competencies to Your Homeschooling Foundation

The backbone to an effective homeschooling environment lies in establishing a foundation that will guide you through the process of creating a successful and rewarding learning journey for your child. Here is what we will cover:

Learning Style Awareness:

​Identify your child’s unique learning style and how you can adapt your teaching strategies to increase their desire for learning.

Instructional Skills:

​Discover different teaching methodologies that will allow you to simplify complex concepts while also adapting to your child’s learning needs.

Curriculum Development:

​Craft a dynamic, flexible curriculum that fits your child’s individual learning style and keeps their attention.


​Learn how to creatively utilize available resources for teaching and learning in order to simplify the homeschooling journey.

Time Management:

Create an aligned schedule that balances academic and non-academic activities.


Discover methods to keep your child engaged, motivated, and enthusiastic about learning.

Learning Assessment:

Develop the skills to gauge your child’s ongoing progress - and interest - using formal and informal methods. Understand how you can modify your teaching methods and curriculum based on your child’s progress, feedback, and interests.

Get the Confidence You Deserve

The entire program, including the 7 self-paced modules, three 15 minute 1:1 calls, weekly exercises, a 60 minute Ask Me Anything session and the ChatGPT Lesson Planning resource is worth over $1,997!

Plus, imagine knowing that you have all the tools and resources you need to get started and feel confident on your homeschooling journey!


Now, this program is going to be priced at $627 in the future… 


But to celebrate 2024, you can get in at the special Discounted Price of just $317! 


Register Now!


Note, the discounted New Year's price of $317 is only available until February 29th.

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You Might Be Wondering...

How is the content being taught?

You will gain access to all of the modules within 48 hours of your purchase. Once "in,"  you will be able to access the modules in your portal any time you are ready to dive into learning.

How do I get access to the BONUS ChatGPT resource and Ask Me Anything session?

Since this is my first time running this program, learning about your experience is my highest priority. In order to receive access to these bonus opportunities, I ask that you provide a testimonial of your time in the program. You will receive more information on this process throughout the program!

Will you be covering ‘unschooling’ in the content?

No, this will not be covered. I believe in using what you know to get started. For some of you, that means you may begin by replicating the idea of school in your home. You’ll grow as you go and that increased confidence will enable you to tweak, pivot and make changes to find the best learning environment for you and your child when you’re ready. We’ll take one step at a time.

What if I’m not quite sure if homeschooling is right for me?

I understand that homeschooling is a big decision for parents to make. If you aren’t sure that this is the best transition for your family, check out Homeschooling 101, a 60 minute 1:1 intensive where we’ll create a personalized “Cliff Notes” plan to help you determine if homeschooling is the best option for your family. Click HERE to learn more. 

How does the email or text support work?

You will receive my personal email address or phone number (whichever is your preferred method of communication) so you can contact me directly with any questions about homeschooling, the information we covered, additional resources, and how to move forward. I will respond to all emails and texts within 24 business hours.

Without a Foundation, There Can’t Be Structure

Mom and son Homeschooling, homeschool curriculum, homeschool program, homeschool tutor, homeschool coach

If you’ve read this far, then you’re serious about homeschooling your child as soon as possible.

You can continue to use all the free resources out there and search through Facebook groups only to come up with information that isn’t useful, doesn’t relate to your situation, and is maybe just wrong. 


Or, you can work side by-side with me to build your homeschooling foundations so you feel confident guiding your child through their education.

now picture this...

You’ve just finished up your first full year of homeschooling! You are confident in your curriculum you are teaching, the lesson plans you have created, and love watching your child participate in sports and arts around the community! 


All of this can happen if you decide to build a strong foundation and get the support you deserve to have on your homeschooling journey!  


Remember that the $317 New Year's Price is only available until February 29th before the price goes up!

Imagine for a moment it's one year from today.

Your child is still in traditional schooling. You have tried to start homeschooling but you feel confused, stressed, and overwhelmed with everything that goes into the process. 

Remember, without a foundation, you can’t build a structure that's going to last on top of it.

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