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Virtual Options

Embracing Virtual Support to Enhance Your Parenting Skills and Foster Connection

Allowing parents from all over the globe to come together to shape our future leaders by improving confidence, communication, and creativity in their children.

Chemistry Homework


Growing your child’s creativity and self expression isn’t something that happens all at once, but rather drip by drop. Our Micro Learning courses are designed to provide you bite size pieces of learning that will help you connect with your child while improving the life skills they need to be successful. The intention is to bring you relevant information that you might find difficult to teach your child while making it fun and enjoyable for both of you!

Join the Community

Our Community unites parents and educators in an effort to develop creative, loving, happy children. Join us for monthly, virtual Coffee Conversations to connect with other parents, learn from educators, and feel supported throughout your process of raising your child.

Typing on the Computer

Curious yet? Reach out to schedule a consultation.

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