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A Book, A Non-Profit, and the Grand Canyon

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Sometimes in doing things we like, we're able to create the biggest impact: writing and hiking to create awareness for children's mental health.

My upcoming children’s journal Drip, Drop & Drizzle is more than 50% funded in Kickstarter. 🎉 I’m completely animated 😃 because this project means far more to me than just publishing a book. It’s part of my personal calling to help the mental health crisis happening around the world — IN THE WAY THAT I CAN. Another way I do that is by choosing to support Child Mind Institute.✨

1) See, I believe what children have to say is very important, and the more we support them in understanding their ideas and finding their voice to articulate these ideas, the greater their self-esteem becomes. 💪🏻 This may seem obvious but can be remarkably complex as children navigate growing up and fear whether what they have to say is "good enough" or “right." Yet finding (and using) their voice is crucial because high self-esteem is a major building block in good mental health. Thus, my book aims to be proactive.✨

2) The Child Mind Institute works on the next level: they strive to transform the lives of children and families already struggling with mental health and learning disorders. They commit to providing access to the care children need, advancing the research in brain development to better support healthy diagnoses, and providing accurate information for all involved in helping a child.✨

On June 15, I join a group of individuals all dedicated to their own personal missions. Together we will hike 🥾 the Grand Canyon from the North Rim to the South Rim (23.9 miles in total 😳) in an effort to raise awareness and funds for our prospective charities. Should you also wish to support this cause, visit the following site.

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