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The Drip, Drop and Drizzle® Method 

Build your child’s confidence in self expression through literacy. 

At The Drizzle Effect®, we believe in nurturing children’s innate curiosity (and attraction to stories) to build resilient problem-solvers, equipped with creativity, strong communication skills, and confidence so they’re prepared to innovate the solutions of tomorrow.

Here, creativity isn't just an art—it's a secret ingredient to a happy, fulfilled life.

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A journey of growth & confidence

Seven-year-old Emily was outgoing but anxious. She worried about finishing her work on time. She fretted if the work wasn’t perfect. She was eager to learn but would freeze at the thought of trying something new. After attending a summer session at The Drizzle Effect®, Emily created her own book – she even thought of herself an author!

“The workshop was a much-needed confidence-booster for our daughter. In the safe and nurturing camp environment, she was able to think creatively and try new things. We are very grateful that she learned new writing skills, but we are most thankful that the camp encouraged her to be in a growth mindset. I think the skills, practice, and confidence will be very helpful as my normally anxious child transitions into the new year."

- Parent of a Writer’s Workshop student

Hi, I'm Drip!

Meet Drip! Like Emily, Drip can feel shy and insecure. Sometimes we all need a confidence boost.

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For parents who dream big for their children.

You want your child to be confident, curious, and creative. You see their potential and would do just about anything to help them fulfill it. But what’s the right balance between doing and supporting that fosters a good, open relationship as well as the true independence and resilience you know your child needs?


Sarah feared her son would get lost in the crowd. He didn’t struggle in school, nor did he excel. He was “just a typical boy.” Yet, every afternoon presented a challenge. The routine was simple: snack, homework, play. However, snack time could stretch an hour or more, and homework became Enemy #1. What should have been a simple afternoon task extended into evenings filled with frustration, yelling, and sometimes even tears.

Hi, I'm Drop!


Drop can be impulsive, but he has the biggest heart.

With The Drizzle Effect®, Sarah discovered new ways to communicate with Jake calmly.


She learned how to help Jake set manageable goals to complete his homework. More importantly, Sarah learned to acknowledge Jake’s emotions – and her own – ultimately strengthening their relationship.

"I was surprised how much [my son] enjoyed talking about how emotions felt and things that made him upset. I assumed he wasn’t paying attention to some things and when I asked, he actually was! [My husband and I] liked how the promise [in each module of the Healthy Habits program] talked about how it affects the kids in a clear and concise way. Thank you!"


- Healthy Habits Parent

The Drizzle Effect® isn’t just about academic success; it's about nurturing happy, confident children who are ready for anything. 

There’s no wrong place to start. The point in our Drip, Drop and Drizzle process is simply to take the FIRST step forward. 

Drip, Drop, and Drizzle® Books & Journals

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Micro-Learning Online Programs

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In-Person 'DROPLETS'


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Hi, I'm Drizzle!


Drizzle knows that getting something “right” doesn’t always happen right away, but it’s a process you can feel confident in!

“I really like the way you involve feelings in the writing so [my daughter] can express how she is feeling.”

 - Cecilia P. Writer's Workshop

Join our community of LIKE-MINDED people

Our community is led by Mary Ostrowski, the Founder of The Drizzle Effect®. Mary is an educator, author, and advocate for bringing creativity and literacy into homes and classrooms. She likes pretty dresses, hiking, reading, and writing. She also really like kids. She loves their curiosity and imagination -- and helping them use those qualities to build self-confidence as they grow. Learn more about Mary and The Drizzle Effect®.

You're not embarking on this journey alone. Join a community where parents and educators alike come together to support your child's happiness and fulfillment as The Priority. 

Still wondering where to start?

Feeling overwhelmed is natural – just like the first time you picked up an iPhone; or like the first time your child experienced stress or a sense of defeat over a homework assignment. You don’t have to do it alone! Let's discover your first step together. Your journey to empowering your child begins with a simple conversation.

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At The Drizzle Effect®,  we’re dedicated to SHAPING OUR FUTURE, nurturing one child, one dream at a time, helping them grow into confident, creative leaders of tomorrow.

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