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Kids artwork for homeschooling in Maryland


We’ve reviewed the answers to your quiz and….  You are 100% READY for homeschooling!  

Book a call to get started with Homeschooling 202 to build your personalized plan!

45 Minute Call

Trust me, I know that homeschooling is a big change not only for your kids, but also for YOU!  


It is a decision that will : 

  • Put you in the driver’s seat of your child’s learning so that you can align curriculum with your family values. 

  • Help you develop strong relationships with your kids so that you build trust going into the next stages of childhood. 

  • Give you flexibility in your life so that you can be the parent that is fully present at home and at extracurricular activities 


You may be thinking that these are all things you want in your family and life, but now that you’ve made the decision to homeschool wonder… 

Where do I actually start?! 

Based on where you are in the homeschooling process:

I think you’d be the perfect candidate for Homeschooling 202 - an 8 week program to Build Your Personalized Plan. 



Parents that have made the decision to homeschool their kids often don’t take fast action to implement this decision for one reason or another - it’s the middle of the school year, you don’t know how to tell your kids, or maybe you need to freshen up your math skills first! From my experience in working with many other families, the faster you act, the faster you succeed. Sure, you can figure it out on your own - choosing curriculum, lesson planning, researching extra-curricular activities, and teaching all at the same time… or you can strategically create a plan for your entire first year of homeschooling before you even start teaching.  


If you’re tired of wondering how homeschooling is actually going to happen in your family, I know without question that you need an implementation plan to get your decision in place.  


The best thing you can do for yourself and your kids is design AND implement a homeschooling curriculum that fits your family values, child's learning style, and desired flexibility! 

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